We have a large array of finishing options. From trimming to laminating, we offer out customers excellent finishing to complete their products. When preparing a job knowing what finishing possibilities are available is crucial. Many finishing proceedures require the printing and layout in a certain manor. We can run you through our many options and in most cases show you samples of what the finished product will look like.

Considering a finish –

The finishing on your product is always dependant on its final use. Business cards are often laminated in either matt or gloss to make them more durable and longer lasting. Reports can be spiral bound when the number of pages it contains are too great for stapling on the spine for etc. Many items it is just down to appearance and the image your product portrays of your company, this is where personal opinion would be your main factor.

What options do I have –

As you’d expect, the options of what finish you can choose from are based on each product. We always advise our customers to contact us prior to designing their printing. We can run you through your options and explain how it all works before you embark on a project that cannot work.


We can laminate in matt or gloss. Gloss appears with a high shine finish. It also enables the surface to be wiped clean. Matt laminate has a more subtle appearance and indeed many people don’t even notice this type of laminate. One way to test if something is matt laminated is to try and tear it, matt laminate is hard to tear. One thing to remember is that laminate cannot be written on and thus cannot be used in certain circumstances such as forms. Our machines allow for both clean edge and encalsulating laminations.


There are a number of different binding options we provide. Depending on the product certain binds are better suited than others. We offer wire spiral binding. More robust than the common plastic spiral, wire spirals come in both white and black depending on stock. Wire spirals are generally used for items such as reports, theses, manuals and booklets. We offer plastic fronts and card backs up to A4. Wire spirals are designed for A4 but can be cut for shorter items.

Another option in binding is stapling. We can staple on spines along with corners and side stapling. Our machines allow us to staple larger volume batches than a standard hand stapler. This option is more suited to everyday handouts and booklets for masses, weddings and events.


Part and parcel of our daily routine we offer our customer a trimming service for their home projects. We will cut down any job where possible. Just make sure you have printed the job correctly, call us and we will advise you how best to go about a job so trimming can be possible.

Creasing & Folding:

If you want to print your own items at home we can provide stock pre-creased. Allowing you booklets to fold easier and more precisely.

Don’t forget we can fold your orders. Hand folding is very time consuming and our machine can fold with extreme accuracy at very fast speeds. It can even preform double folds for brochures.