Graphic Design

Design is everything so take your time. Our design team will assist you in creating the perfect design to match you & your print products. Image, practicality, branding and cost are all elements of we consider. Our team understand our clients and create appealing and functional concepts. With an in-house design team, such as our own, you gain from our valuable printing experience. All to often a design comes into us that is either unprintable or cost effective to the client. With Blackrock Printers this need never happen.

Where to start –

Many of our clients come to us with a vision that they would like us to create. We then sit down and work with you to digitise this vision. Always offering advice and opinion we will ensure you are 100% happy with final design. Others come to us with a blank canvas and allow us to create an innovative and unique design tailored to that individual client. We look at our clients, and what they represent, and create concepts that translate this to their customers.

Supplying your own artwork? –

We have no problem accepting artwork from our clients. We recommend you contact us before creating your design. Our team are always there to help and offer some simple advice which could save you both time and money.
Recommended Formats: Saving your artwork as a high resolution pdf is highly recommended. This is the most compatible format between computers. 99% of the time what you see on screen is what it will print out like, so look sharp and proof read everything.When saving ensure your artwork has bleed and trim marks.Trim marks allow us to see exactly where you want it to be cut to, determining finished size and position of cut.
Quality: At least 300dpi. Images off the internet are generally saved at 72dpi for loading speed. These can sometimes be used when shrunk in size. Always be aware that images carry copyrights and permission must be obtained for certain uses.
Colour: Files should always be converted or created as cymk. If your file is an rgb colour profile this may lead to changes in colour which cannot be averted. If you are creating your brand logo and colour scheme always select pantone colours. This is the industry colour matching standard and means your colours will always be identical.Never go by what your artwork looks like on screen. All monitors are different and colours can look vastly different when sent to print.
Bleed and Trim: When saving ensure your artwork has bleed and trim marks.Trim marks allow us to see exactly where you want it to be cut to, determining finished size and accuracy.Wherever your image or background colour needs to run to the edge of the stock you need bleed. This is an area which will be cut off but is an extension of the content running off the edge.

Dimensions Guide –

To assist our customers we have created a very simple dimensions guide. The guide provides you with papers sizes and measurements. Feel free to drop in and collect a free guide from our office or you can download the guide via the link below. FREE GUIDE    (or right click and select “save target as…” to download to your computer)