It is critical to have a high quality letterhead. They are possibly the most common form of print to communicate with your clients. Uses include quotes, invoices and general messaging of information. 

When selecting a letterhead to suit your company you must always incorporate your branding while matching your intended uses. A wide selection of papers are available but we can assist you in choosing the correct paper. 

Accordion Content

The standard letterhead size for business is A4, 210mm x 297mm. While providing an adequate amount of space for content it neatly folds in to DL, which is the standard envelope size. 

We recommend 120gsm as a good weight of stock. A full bodied sheet while also light enough to post multiple pages when required.

We would advise our clients to consider ordering continuation sheets if they regularly post multiple pages. They generally contain less company details and provide extra space for content. 

Content of a letterhead is commonly standard info relating to the company but you must also be aware that you must display your vat number should you use your letterhead for invoicing. 

We recommend keeping letterheads in a more natural state as fancy touches can effect over printing by office printers. If you have an upgrade in mind we’ll be happy to advise you on how to achieve it and whether it’s limitations could effect you.