Custom notepads have a number of uses both for employees and clients. Both economic and handy for office workers while ensuring constant brand awareness. 

We produce quality yet affordable notepads for all sorts of uses, from minimalist logos to customised forms. A variety of uses include general notes, deskpads, order forms, sketches and doodles. 

Accordion Content

Available in a number of sizes from A3 to A7. Each pad can have a set number of pages depending on their use. 

We can recommend a stock ranging from economy 80gsm to premium 160gsm. Each pad comes as standard with a thick grey backing board. 

Remember notepads can be a powerful marketing product. Pass them out as individual notes or distribute notepads as complimentary gifts. 

We can add custom backing boards to give that extra touch of branding. 

Would you like them hole punched. 2 or 4 hole punches can be handy if the notepads sheets need to filed away. 

Each notepad can be glued at the head or side.